Life+Guard Lens Skin Wrapping Manual

To the best adhesion and application of the skin/film, please ensure the surface of lens is completely clean and dust-free.
Follow the steps to attach the film to ( hood, lens body, part of transparent film, grip ), if necessary, use tweezers or plastic scrapers for assistance.
If there is a gap at the interface, you can stretch it slightly to close it, and do not overstretch it to deform it.
Finally, attach the zoom ring and the focus ring part (this part of the film will overlap 5mm)
If the film is inadvertently deformed or too long during the process, It can be recovered by heating with a hot air blower or a hairdryer.
(Note: Excessive time or overheating will deform or destroy the film).

After finishing, the corners can also be heated to make the film more suitable.